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As the taste of coffee is closely linked with the freshness of the coffee beans, we roast our own coffee to make it the best. Generally, as coffee is sensitive to changes of temperature and humidity, the environment after roasting is very important. While transported from overseas, coffee beans have a great possibility to be exposed to an unstable condition that might cause them unsatisfactory results under the process of ripening.

However, Caffe Bene established a system that adjusts the temperature and humidity in an appropriate manner, which serves our customers with the freshest and the most delicious coffee.

At the Caffe Bene roasting plant, we produce the best quality through an automated hygienic system.

In order to provide the best tasting coffee to our customers, Caffe Bene chose a pre-roasting/post-blending method after reviewing and fixing problems of the pre-blending/post-roasting process in the past. Each coffee bean is roasted and then blended, keeping the original flavor of it intact as much as possible.

Most coffee brands use a pre-blending/post-roasting method roasting 5 to 6 different kinds of beans at the same time, which has limits in preserving the unique characteristics of each kind. Caffe Bene’s pre-roasting/post-blending method, however, roasts each type separately, resulting in a rich flavor in premium quality served to our customers.